Fax to Email: Faxes delivered as email attachments
to your PC or smartphone inbox

First get a free 084 Virtual Switchboard number, then add a Fax to Email number to your switchboard account at a cost of just £5 per month plus VAT.

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Adcall 084 Fax to Email numbers can be connected to any email address. If you change your email address, your 0844 number can be rerouted to your new email address at no charge.

Call charges:
To call 084 numbers callers pay 5p/min (including VAT). You pay nothing to receive calls.

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"Having been tasked with setting up a European Office I have set about looking for suppliers with a certain amount of nervousness. However using Adcall has been a delight. From my first contact to request free call numbers to having them connected to new premises before we moved in, was effortless. An exemplary service and one I readily commend to your prospective clients. Thanks again."
WR, Wokingham

"I wish to express my gratitude for your professionalism. I will refer any individual who is expressing an interest in telephone numbers to contact Adcall, as I know they would be handled with care and professionalism."
MA, Newcastle-U-Tyne

"At last, a telecomunications company which seems to have its act together. I'm mega impressed with this service." KL, Macclesfield

"It's a change to find an online company that does what it says it will do."
GM, Leics

"Thanks for your prompt reply to my question. Most sites often don't bother to reply at all!" DL, London

"I've passed your name to several other companies in my building, which I think could use your service."
SA, Wilts

"Very easy to use site. I found navigation simple."
MT, Coventry

"Thank you for your prompt actions and help. It is as always a pleasure doing business with you."
RS, Surrey

"Thanks for the excellent service." NO, Aldershot

"Excellent stuff. Thanks for the incredibly prompt response and service."
TW, Southampton

"Incredible service. Thanks as always."
BG, High Wycombe